Why do I have you in my hand?

A guide to mindful smartphone use Become aware of the many moments you turn to your phone throughout the day. Too often, we pick up our devices simply out of habit. We don’t actually need to check our email, or make a phone call, but we reach for our phone unconsciously. As a first step, set the … Read more

Creating a mindfulness habit

Have you ever experienced wanting to create positive changes in your life (move more, meditate, eat healthier etc.) and two weeks down the road, your good solutions went out the window? You are in best company. Many participants of the 8-week MBSR course struggle when having to integrate 45min of mindfulness practice into their daily … Read more

A guide to mindfulness meditation

A widespread false believe is that meditation can be achieved by some people but is too difficult for others. That is not true. Just like the ability to be mindful, everyone can meditate and it can be of great help to everyone – no matter what their personal situation is. Everyone is able to observe … Read more